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Benevolent Donut Goddess is BACK!

Benevolent Donut Goddess was one of our very first colorways when Wes and I started dyeing in our itty bitty one bedroom apartment - inspired by a dear friend in my knitting group who brought Donuts to our Sunday morning knit-ins.
I decided to bring her out of retirement just for you - AND brought back our Sweet Pea Sock base!
Available on: Sweet Pea Sock, Merino DK, and Merino Worsted
She is only back for a limited time - so hurry and grab yours today!
FYI: Cindi & Dana's skeins were from one of our very first batches, and the Brown is a bit lighter than how we now make this colorway. Cortni's socks are the true to color brown that it comes out to. But these photos are still a great way to show you how the colorway works up!
Here are some photos from projects using Benevolent Donut Goddess:
Cindi's "Zorzal" Shawl designed by Lisa Hannes
Dana Rae's Beautiful Socks!
Cortni's Socks


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