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Tasha on the Town by Cathy Brisco

Tasha Tudor was known for dressing in simple clothing and leading a simple life. I like to imagine that when she attended a special event she would don her pretty but practical shawl. Perfect shawl for wearing for a night on the town.

Feel free to experiment with needle sizes and yarn weight to create a more dense or less dense fabric or a larger shawl.

Blocking will make a big difference in the drape and the look of the finished shawl.

Suggested Yarn Requirements for other yarn weights: 

Fingering: 100g/420 yards US Size 6 - 4 mm needles. 

Sport/DK: 800 yards US Size 7 - 4.5 mm needles. 

Worsted: 1000 yards US Size 8 - 5 mm needles.

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