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Sweater Club!

Sweater Club!

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Happy New Year! We're so excited to bring Sweater Club back. 

For the first sweater club of 2020 we will revisit the currently popular stranded color-work yoke sweater, this time a steeked cardigan  (yes, cutting our knitting - we promise it's not as scary as it sounds!).

We have two patterns by Tin Can Knits you can choose from: Clayoquot or Strange Brew (which is a template for designing your own yoke pattern).  We know the thought of cutting your own work can be terrifying. So to alleviate the fear, our first foray into cutting will be turning old sweaters into a cardigans.

The steeking lessons will be spread out over several sessions so you should have plenty of knitting time to work on your new sweater!  Pullover sweaters are readily available in thrift shops or maybe even the back of our closets. I know I have several sweaters that I would wear more often if only they were cardigans.  If you need help selecting a sweater or need us to procure a sweater for you, just let us know. Please have it with you for our first session on February 6th. 


Instructor: Cathy Briscoe

Workshop dates: Thursday February 6th, February 20th, March 5th and March 19th at 6:30pm.

With an optional class for measurements January 16th, complimentary with club membership.

Materials: Please look over the pattern you choose to see what materials you may need. All materials, including needles and yarn, you may need for this class will have a 10% discount when you purchase at Rita Mae's.
Cost: The cost of this class is $85 for instruction and complimentary Tuesday Help Days with instructor if you get stuck on something before next class. 
Have questions? Email us at